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Public Reports

Porous electrode model development and verification

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: We focused on the measurement of EIS spectra in half-cell (cathode//Li) and symmetrical cell (cathode//cathode) configurations and on physical interpretation of the obtained spectra. Three materials (Li2VO2F, Li2FeO2F and Li2TiO2F) were involved, all yielded by mechanosynthesis. In the first part of this report we also provide the history/background of the material that was delivered from our consortium’s patterns. As shown, different parameters contribute to the measured shapes and sizes of EIS spectra such as: electrolyte concentration, electrode loading, and electrode ageing… Systematic variation of those parameters represents invaluable information for easier interpretation of the spectra.

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LiRichFCC International Workshop

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Within the framework of the Electrochemistry 2018 conference at Ulm University Sept. 24 –26, 2018, the LiRichFCC Consortium organized the First International Workshop on “Li-rich Cation Disordered Rock Salt Structures”.

The workshop was attended by over 90 researchers from Europe, Japan, and the US.

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Data Management Plan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The Data Management Plan (DMP) of LiRichFCC gives an overview of research data anticipated to be produced by the consortium, data management within LiRichFCC, assessment of data, and activities planned to make data FAIR.1 The DMP reflects the current state of the discussions, plans and ambitions of the LiRichFCC partners, and will be updated periodically as work progresses. It is based on the H2020 Guidelines on FAIR Data Management in Horizon 2020 (26 July 2016). Key audience of this first version of the report is the LiRichFCC consortium with the aim to raise awareness of FAIR data management and Open Access. Future versions will more strongly focus on actual Data Management procedures and policies employed by the LiRichFCC partners, as the rate of data exchange has further increased.

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Dissemination Plan

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: This dissemination report has the purpose to define the aims of and set the guidelines for dissemination and communication of results obtained by the partners of the LiRichFCC project. It is divided in four parts addressing (i) the objectives of dissemination work, (ii) the targeted key audiences, (iii) specific dissemination and communication measures that will be employed, and (iv) dissemination rules as set out in the Grant Agreement. Information about the dissemination activities organised by the project as well as all public documents generated during the project lifetime will be provided through the public project website www.lirichfcc.eu. Dissemination and communication activities will be updated periodically during the project lifetime, and updated versions of this report may be released.

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Material Synthesis (Milestone 1)

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: The LiRichFCC consortium has successfully synthesized a first set of test materials and distributed it to the partners. In the following, the nature of the synthesized materials is briefly described and basic characterization data are shown. Lastly, shipment documents prove distribution of materials to the project partners.

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