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Helmholtz Institute Ulm

Prof. Dr. Maximilian Fichtner

Scientific Coordinator & PI

Helmholtz Institute Ulm (HIU)

Helmholtzstr. 11
89081 Ulm
Phone: +49 731 50-34201
Fax:     +49 731 50-34299

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Dr. Christian Punckt

Administrative Coordinator

Institute of Nanotechnology (INT)

Hermann-von-Helmholtz-Platz 1
76344 Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen
Phone: +49 721 608-28493

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Battery Projects in FETOPEN: CARBAT

CARBAT is a FET Open research and innovation action in the Horizon 2020 programme, funded over the H2020-FETOPEN-2016-2017 call. We propose a new calcium rechargeable battery technology – the “CARBAT” – as a FET helping to solve some of the Grand Challenges our modern society is facing: pollution, oil-dependency and climate change. 


Battery Projects in FETOPEN: SALBAGE

SALBAGE is a collaborative RIA project funded by the EU in the FET Open call, whose aim is to develop a new battery based on Aluminium and Sulphur combined with a polymeric electrolyte.


Novel Cathode Materials for Li-Ion Batteries

The LiRichFCC project will explore an entirely new class of materials for electrochemical energy storage termed “Li-rich FCC” comprising a very high concentration of lithium in a cubic dense packed structure (FCC). The process by which energy is stored in these materials constitutes a paradigm change in the design of battery materials and involves unexpected and surprisingly effective mechanisms: instead of storing lithium ions by intercalation into a stable host, lithium ions are populating and vacating lattice sites of the material itself. This new principle allows for unprecedented energy and power density compared to other battery materials and may revolutionize the use of batteries in applications involving a need for supplying large amounts of energy and power from small spaces.

Li-rich FCC materials have just been discovered by one of the partners of the consortium, and the possible chemical compositions, properties, and charge storage principle associated with this new materials class are far from being understood. Thus, it is the aim of the project to explore and optimize possible compositions, synthesis methods, structural properties and dynamics of Li-rich FCC materials through an interdisciplinary approach involving predictive computational work, advanced chemical synthesis and high-end characterization. An important focus of the project will further be to evaluate the use of these materials for electrical energy storage and to identify potential other uses for Li-rich FCC materials that cannot be foreseen today.

The project is based on the long-term vision to develop a novel class of materials into practical use, involving foundational aspects in S&T with breakthrough character, high novelty and risk, as well as a broad, interdisciplinary approach.



5th LiRichFCC General Assembly

Apr. 12 - Our colleagues at DTU hosted the 5th LiRichFCC General Assembly in Copenhagen. Great new results and the long to-do-list for the final six months of the project were discussed. Check our website for upcoming publications we currently have in our pipeline!

Come and visit us at ICT2018

Dez. 04 - Come and visit us at ICT2018, hall X4, booth C01! We present our newest finding in battery research funded by Future & Emerging Technologies (FET_EU).

1st International Workshop on “Li-rich disordered rock salt materials”

Sept. 26 – LiRichFCC and Helmholtz Institute Ulm have organized the first international workshop on Li-rich disordered materials within the frame work of the “Electrochemistry 2018” at Ulm University. Over 60 experts from Europe, Japan, and the US discuss recent progress and perspectives of the field.

4th LiRichFCC General Assembly

Sept. 25 – The consortium is meeting for its fourth General Assembly at the Helmholtz Institute Ulm. Recent progress is discussed, further activities are planned, and future perspectives are analyzed by the 16 participants from KIT, CEA (France), KI (Slovenia), DTU (Denmark) and Uppsala University (Sweden).

Applied X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Hamburg

Jul. 23 - Kemijski inštitut performed XAS measurements at DESY 's beamline P65 »Applied X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy« in Hamburg. During twelve shifts, we measured different samples synthesised within the LiRichFCC project at Kemijski inštitut and Helmholtz Institute Ulm. 

2nd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries

Jul. 20 - The 2nd International Symposium on Magnesium Batteries, which is from September 27-28 2018, 
addresses the research community in this rapidly growing field. 
It is the aim of the symposium to present and discuss the recent state-of-the art and the progress in the field.

Operando synchrotron XRPD
Operando synchrotron XRPD

Jun. 25, 2018 - Technical University of Denmark has been performing operando synchrotron XRPD measurements at ALBA recently. Now the results are in! Digging deeper to reach higher grounds...

Twitter logo
LiRichFCC on Twitter

May 25, 2018 - We are happy to announce that LiRichFCC is now on Twitter! Follow us @LiRichFCC and receive periodic updates from our project, information about upcoming events, and other selected news targeted at the electrochemical energy storage community!


Electrochemistry 2018

May 24, 2018 - The LiRichFCC team will attend the Electrochemistry 2018 in Ulm, Germany! Electrochemistry will be continued in Ulm 2018. Outstanding electrochemists from Germany and from abroad will highlight research results and current trends. 

Electrochemistry 2018
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3rd General Assembly

April 10, 2018 - The consortium met at Uppsala today for its third General Assembly. Besides the scientific progress, issues regarding IPR and innovation are of increasing importance. FETOPEN strives to exploit!

Photoelectron Spectroscopy at BESSY, Berlin

Mar. 26, 2018 - The LiRichFCC-team from Uppsala University spent two weeks at the synchrotron facility BESSY. Pristine and cycled samples of both coated and uncoated materials were investigated by photoelectron spectroscopy. This will give decisive information on how and why LiRichFCC materials age – and how to better stabilize them in the battery cell.

Measurements at Elettra Trieste synchrotron

Mar. 7, 2018 - NIC group has been awarded by 12 shifts of beam time at the beam line for X-ray absorption spectroscopy at synchrotron Elettra. We have examined structural changes of three different Fe based LiRichFCC materials. We observed effect of fluorine content in Li2FeOyFx samples.

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2nd General Assembly and Review

Nov. 22, 2017 - LiRichFCC held its second General Assembly in Brussels yesterday, followed by our official Review at the Research Executive Agency today. We are happy to say that we received positive assessments by the reviewers and will now focus on the work ahead.

Grenoble view
1st General Assembly

Apr. 11, 2017 - We are thankful to CEA Grenoble for hosting our first General Assembly! The project is off to a swift start, and results look promising. To strengthen communication within the project, IT infrastructure and regular teleconferences have now been implemented.



EU Flag This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 711792.